8-Bit CSS3 Horizontal Parallax

Decided to have some 8-Bit fun this evening and experimented with a horizontal parallax effect similar to side scrolling games.

See the Pen 8-Bit CSS3 Horizontal Parallax by Dan Stuart (@danbhala) on CodePen.

See the Pen 8-Bit CSS3 Horizontal Parallax by Dan Stuart (@danbhala) on CodePen.

CSS3 Horizontal parallax effect was inspired by this post by Keith Clark.

SVG’s were drawn with Method Draw and optimized and encoded with b64.io.



Oki’s Wagon – Debut Album

Oki’s Wagon One of the bands I play drums in released our debut album today! Its up on Bandcamp as a ‘Name your price’ download. Pay as much or as little as you’d like or just stream!


City Bike Locator


I’ve been experimenting with AngularJS recently and I decided to make this City Bike Locator. I’ve put the source code up on GitHub so feel free to have a look and get involved with the project.

This app was created with the following technologies:

This app is currently work in progress and addition features will be added over time.

Demo: http://www.danielstuart.ie/bikes/
GitHub: https://github.com/danbhala/city-bike-locator

Little Man

Last night I decided to mess about with Javascript’s window.DeviceOrientationEvent events. I put this little page together, check this out on your phone: http://www.danielstuart.ie/little-man/ .


You can control the Little Man by tilting your phone! It should capture input from your phones accelerometer if its “Smart Enough” 🙂 Its a bit buggy and the physics is a bit basic. But I hope to make some improvements in velocity, acceleration, add in some gravity so he can jump, maybe some wind?

Anyhoo, complete credit for the sprite image that I used goes to 10firstgame’s wordpress blog, I hope he doesn’t mind me using it!

WordPress 3.6

This evening I decided to give my website a bit of TLC and updated it to WordPress 3.6 nicknamed “Oscar” after a Jazz artists of yesteryear. I’ve also switch from my original theme to TwentyThirteen – the new default theme that comes packaged with WP. I have to say I’m impressed with what you get for free these days!

I’m going to try and update the blog more often. I think I must have forgotten about it! So expect to see some posts in the near future!