I Lost my passport. 16 hours later I got a new one.

Last night I couldn’t find my passport. We searched everywhere for about 3 hours. Words cannot describe the stress, panic and emotion in our apartment. I was due to leave the country in less than 2 days time on a summer holiday with my friends.

The next morning I got up at 6:00am to get all my paperwork together and booked an appointment for 9:30am (first Dart back to Dun Laoghaire to get my birth cert at my parents house, Dart back into town, picked up an passport application form, got photos taken in the local pharmacy on Lombard Street, got photos signed by a Garda in Pearse Street Garda Station).

I arrived at the passport office at 9:15 and waited at my assigned counter. At about 9:25 the very helpful lady called my name and I went through the whole process of handing over the paperwork. She even rang the Garda to confirm he signed the photos as he forgot to put the form number on the back!

At 9:40am I left the passport office to go to work for the day as I was told to come back later in the afternoon to pick it up.

At 2pm I used the ‘Track your passport’ feature on the dfa.ie website. To my delight the tracking number worked and my passport was available for collection! I went over at 3:30pm, got a number from the queue system and on the ticket it said i was 2nd in the queue. I got my passport 5 minutes later and skipped out the door with a big fat smile on my face!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

8-Bit CSS3 Horizontal Parallax

Decided to have some 8-Bit fun this evening and experimented with a horizontal parallax effect similar to side scrolling games.

See the Pen 8-Bit CSS3 Horizontal Parallax by Dan Stuart (@danbhala) on CodePen.

See the Pen 8-Bit CSS3 Horizontal Parallax by Dan Stuart (@danbhala) on CodePen.

CSS3 Horizontal parallax effect was inspired by this post by Keith Clark.

SVG’s were drawn with Method Draw and optimized and encoded with b64.io.



Oki’s Wagon – Debut Album

Oki’s Wagon One of the bands I play drums in released our debut album today! Its up on Bandcamp as a ‘Name your price’ download. Pay as much or as little as you’d like or just stream!


City Bike Locator


I’ve been experimenting with AngularJS recently and I decided to make this City Bike Locator. I’ve put the source code up on GitHub so feel free to have a look and get involved with the project.

This app was created with the following technologies:

This app is currently work in progress and addition features will be added over time.

Demo: http://www.danielstuart.ie/bikes/
GitHub: https://github.com/danbhala/city-bike-locator

Little Man

Last night I decided to mess about with Javascript’s window.DeviceOrientationEvent events. I put this little page together, check this out on your phone: http://www.danielstuart.ie/little-man/ .


You can control the Little Man by tilting your phone! It should capture input from your phones accelerometer if its “Smart Enough” :) Its a bit buggy and the physics is a bit basic. But I hope to make some improvements in velocity, acceleration, add in some gravity so he can jump, maybe some wind?

Anyhoo, complete credit for the sprite image that I used goes to 10firstgame’s wordpress blog, I hope he doesn’t mind me using it!

WordPress 3.6

This evening I decided to give my website a bit of TLC and updated it to WordPress 3.6 nicknamed “Oscar” after a Jazz artists of yesteryear. I’ve also switch from my original theme to TwentyThirteen – the new default theme that comes packaged with WP. I have to say I’m impressed with what you get for free these days!

I’m going to try and update the blog more often. I think I must have forgotten about it! So expect to see some posts in the near future!

PHP array of Irish Counties

Here’s an php array of the counties in Ireland. I searched Google and couldn’t find one so I thought I’d put it here!

$counties = array('Antrim', 'Armagh', 'Carlow', 'Cavan', 'Clare', 'Cork', 'Derry', 'Donegal', 'Down', 'Dublin', 'Fermanagh', 'Galway', 'Kerry', 'Kildare', 'Kilkenny', 'Laois', 'Leitrim', 'Limerick', 'Longford', 'Louth', 'Mayo', 'Meath', 'Monaghan', 'Offaly', 'Roscommon', 'Sligo', 'Tipperary', 'Tyrone', 'Waterford', 'Westmeath', 'Wexford', 'Wicklow');