Pool Dives Complete

prodive_cairnsTrish and myself have just finished the first two daysof our 5 day PADI “Open Water” dive course with Pro Dive. So far we have just been in the classroom and going through the basics in the pool. We’ve gone through many of the basic and important technical and emergency procedures, one of which consisted of my air being cut off! Was pretty freaky to say the least! We also sat a simple enough exam this afternoon to test us on the knowledge we have learned so far. It was multiple choice so it wasnt too bad!

We’re getting picked up at 6am tomorrow and being brought to the boat where we will be part of a 32 diver group. 16 of which, are at the same level as us, the rest are completing advanced courses and also diving for pleasure. We’ll be on the boat for 3 days and the day after tomorrow we’ll be diving 18 meters deep!

We’re going to rent an underwater camera for one of the dives so we will have some really amazing photos to share. We’ll be swimming with so many different types of fish, even including some sharks! They’ve told us they are not harmful to divers but we’ll see!

Earlier myself and Trish bought our own diving masks and snorkels so we can do some snorkeling and diving as we progress down the east coast! It’s good to know we have our own gear that suits us rather than just using rental gear all the time.

After the exam we went to a 2 hour lecture ran by a crowd called Reef Teach on all the sea life that we’ll be seeing: everything from all the different types of fish to different coral types. It went on a bit as it was all so new to us. It felt like we were being bombarded with information! But I suppose its going to be 10 times as immense when we see it first hand for ourselves.

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