Jungle Surfing in Cape Tribulation

Trish and myself just got back from a morning session of Jungle Surfing! What is Jungle Surfing I hear you say? Well basically you travel through the tree tops on a set of ropes and pulley systems. You are connected up on a set of harnesses and you are given safety helmets too… You basically get to see the jungle a different way, nice and high up!

Each safety helmet had a fictional character’s name written on it, I was James Bond and Trish was King Kong! There was some pretty cool views up there and at one point we zoomed across a gorge an we we about 12 – 15 meters up in the air with water running underneath us! On the last go we got to swing along upside down! Check out the pictures for a goof one of Trish hanging upside down with her arms out! All in all it was good fun and a great way of viewing the rainforest from a tree’s perspective! Got some videos too and will see if i can get them up at some stage!

1 thought on “Jungle Surfing in Cape Tribulation”

  1. Hi 007 and King Kong, you guys are having far too much high octane fun! Donn’t fancy those spiders though…

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