Little Update from the past week and a bit

Hi Ho, its been a while! Sorry about the lack of blog updates but its hard to get the photos up and sometimes the internet aint the best… When I get into Queenstown, New Zealand I will upload loads of photos from all the various places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen. But for now a simple update will have to do!

We left Noosa and arrived in Brisbane and got to our accommodation. It was a simple backpackers place that was fairly central in the city. We only stayed one night in Brisbane as we were going to come back! I saw an entertainment magazine back in Noosa which had information on an open stage night in a back packers bar. It sounded pretty cool so we decided to go and check it out! It was basically a stage with loads of instruments on it; drums, guitars, bass, piano and a sax. There was a bunch of people playing and I asked the MC if ii could have a go on the drums and they called me up later on in the night. I got to play with some random Australians and a Korean on lead guitar πŸ™‚ We jammed out some covers and had some fun!

The next day we checked out the hostel and walked a few blocks down to ‘Wicked’ campervan rentals! The van looked good and was fairly new and has Flippy from the Happy Tree Friends graffitied onto the side of it! Its a simple enough van withΒ  loads of compartments in it, you can basically put everything under the bed and when you are not sleeping you can turn it into a table and some seats around it. When you open the boot there is space for an ice box, gas and rings for the bbq, a pump action sink and a counter top along with some shelving. Plus there are curtains the close all over!

The first night we drove down to the Gold Coast, just south of Sydney. Its basically the name for a pretty large stretch of money making tourist activity with facilities to suit any type of holiday maker. Plus it was easter weekend when we were there so it was pretty packed! The first night we stayed parked up outside a hostel in Surfers Paradise, the next day we parked down nearer the beach for a walk around. We left the van at 10:30am and came back at 1pm and when we looked closer at the lock it was obvious that someone had jammed a screwdriver in in order to pop the lock and rob all our stuff πŸ™ but they didnt get in and we got out of there and header south a bit!

The second night we stayed in a place called Broadbeach and cooked up a nice dinner at the free bbq areas by the beach! BBQ sausages, fried onion, bread and ketchup! niiiice! Perfect campervan food! We got up the next day and was greated with some great sunshine! It had actually been overcast for about 4 days at this stage with on off showers! We got up, and got down to the beach to get bashed out of it by the waves!

Later that day we headed south to a little hippy town called Nimbin and got pelted even more out of it by the rain. We stayed in a little campsite there and pretty much remained in the van and under the boot door while cooking because of the weather.

The next day we headed to a place called Byron Bay and stayed in an overflow campsite as there was a 5 day Blues festival going on which was named… eh… Bluesfest! We didnt have a ticket to it and the day tickets we’re pretty overpriced, but we had fun staying in the campsite anyway! We managed getting away with staying there the second night too as there was so many people around and we we’re given an armband that got us in and out of the campsite through the security… But there was still RAIN!

We met up with some English mates we made and day 3 in byron. We had a a bit of a catch up with them. Two of the lads were at the festival and they were pretty shattered! That night we drove up near the Byron Bay lighthouse and parked up in a little beach cove next to some other campervaners and stayed there for the night.

The following morning ( which was actually this morning for me ) we went to Dreamworld and White Water World, two theme parks back up north on the Gold Coast. We bought a 2 day ticket so we are going back tomorrow when their gates open in order to get straight on the best rides in there! Beat the q’s!

We are meeting up with Clem and Amel on Friday, they arrived in Brisbane a few days ago. Should be some fun! We are invited to Amel’s greek easter sunday this sunday… aparently thats when the greeks have their easter… i dunno, im sceptical, but it does sound like a good piss up!

Hopefully I can use their shower πŸ™‚

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