First Hello from New Zealand!

For the past 5 days myself and Trish have been in New Zealand! We arrived in Auckland, which is New Zealand’s largest city at the north of the northern island. We stayed there in the city for 3 nights and explored around. There really wasn’t much to see there apart from the usual city stuff. It didn’t actually feel like we were in NZ yet, it was just too built up.


We had a look at a few car markets just to get in idea on what we could get. We were originally thinking of getting a van and exploring New Zealand but its actually coming into their winter season. It would have been way too cold, so we’ll wait till spring for that. Then we were thinking of just getting a little car so we could drive down New Zealand towards Queenstown, the place we are going to live for 4 or 5 months. But we only had a few hours to decide on what car to get.

Finally we decided to just get a flight to Christchurch then a bus to Queenstown and get settled into the house with my friends Seb and Sophie. They have a spare room there for us thats available to rent. We didn’t want to make a rushed decision into what car to get so we are simply going to just get one down there as Seb says there are a lot of cars going.

Right now we are in Christchurch on the southern island of NZ. When we were approaching on the airplane we were coming across the mountains that had a nice little coating of snow on them… Got us pretty excited! It’s a really nice place and from just walking around its oozes with far more character and friendliness than Auckland. The little city is nucleated around the Cathedral Square. Real nice place.


Tomorrow we are getting the bus to Queenstown, so it should be nice and scenic. By now, we are both looking forward to not going from hostel to hostel and it should be a lot cheaper to stay in the same place. But most importantly I can’t wait to go snowboarding for a whole season! In a few weeks I’ll be buying all the gear and I already have my season pass! And hopefully by the time Ali and Wig arrive in August I’ll be better than Ali. Haha!

Also, Seb has the internet in the house apparently so I will do a big photo upload session from all the places I haven’t shown y’all yet!

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