New Zealand Scrolling Panoramas

I recently put put together 10 panoramas from around New Zealand with Photoshop’s photomerge automation. This is a great tool for putting these shots together if your camera doesn’t have an in built panorama mode. I have a basic digital camera too (FUJIFILM FinePIx Z20fd) so I’m happy to get some impressive¬†amateur¬†panoramic photos from it.

Its pretty easy to do this too with Photoshop, nice and automatic too. It also saves a lot of time trying to do this manually. I’ll bring you through the steps I took to achieve the image above.

Take your photos

I wanted to capture the dormant volcano crater of Mount Eden as well as Auckland so I decided to take 8 portrait photographs from left to right. My camera has a grid overlay display so i could line up the horizon. Here’s the files

Start Photomerge

Open up Photoshop (I’m using CS3 ) and go to File->Automate->Photomerge

Select your Photos

In the next window, click Browse and select your single panoramic photo’s. Once you have selected your photo’s now all you have to do is click ok, sit back for a few minutes and watch the automatic script do its work.

It’s that easy

Once its complete you’ll be shown something like the image below. Now all you have to do is crop it and hey presto, you’ve put together a panoramic photo!

Check out my 10 panoramas from around New Zealand. Added Hoverbox to make the photo selection look nice and the image scroller is done with Pamoorama.

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