I covered The Width of the Black by The Jimmy Cake

Here’s a recording of my cover of The Width of the Black by The Jimmy Cake. I made it about 4 years ago while in between jobs with nothing else to do with myself 😛 … I used my melodica for for the piano accordion / trumpet / clarinet parts and recorded it in Cubase. Check it out!

Snowboarding Mask!

Im heading to France tomorrow for a week long snowboarding holiday! Gonna be living it up in a fully catered chalet in Sainte Foy. My good friends Seb and Sophie aka Sebophie work there as the chalet’s host and chef! They got a decent website too: www.snowology.com

Time to scare some kiddies on the slopes with my new mask! Took this pic with my new camera and messed about a bit with photoshop. Check it out.

My jQuery mini logo

The other night I wanted to add a mini ‘Daniel Stuart’ logo on my site’s top navigation bar. The idea was that this would maintain my branding but the real magic is to only show the mini logo once the user scrolls passed the large logo.

A look at the xHTML

Below is a look at the xHTML placed in the top bar. I have set the display to none so it does no show up initially.

<div id="miniLogo" style="display: none">
	<a href="http://danielstuart.ie">
		<img src="images/miniLogo.png" alt="Daniel Stuart"/>

jQuery to the rescue

I have used scrollTop() to determine how far down the user has scrolled. According to my template design, I want the logo to fade in when the user has scrolled down 100 pixels or more. Also, I want the logo to fade away when the user scrolls back up to the top.

I have set up a boolean variable to check it the user has scrolled past the main logo as I only want to initiate fadeIn and fadeOut once.

I also used jQuery.noConflict(); to avoid any issues with any other scripts I am using.

var $scrolled = new Boolean(false);
jQuery(window).scroll(function () {
	position = jQuery(window).scrollTop();
	if(position >=100 && $scrolled == false){
		$scrolled = new Boolean(true);
		jQuery('#miniLogo').fadeIn('slow', function() { });
	}else if(position <100 && $scrolled == true){
		$scrolled = new Boolean(false);
		jQuery('#miniLogo').fadeOut('slow', function() { });

So check it out above, scroll down a bit past the main logo and watch the magic happen!

Adobe After Effects Earth Zoom from Dun Laoghaire Marina

Decided to do another one of those tutorials from VideoCopilot. This time I attempted the earth zoom. I took some snapshots of Google Earth at various altitudes and in the tutorial you are shown how to put these all together and create the effect.  The zoom starts at Dun Laoghaire Marina and pulls out to space. Enjoy!


Here’s the Marina on Google Maps

View larger map

Adobe After Effects Particle Explosion Title HD

Decided to spend a few hours this evening mucking about with Adobe After Effects. I headed over to VideoCopilot.net and came across this title tutorial. He’s got some really nice tutorials up there and he talks you through every step. Just make sure you have the pause button ready and alt+tab back and forth from your browser of choice to After Effects!