Snowboarding Mask!

Im heading to France tomorrow for a week long snowboarding holiday! Gonna be living it up in a fully catered chalet in Sainte Foy. My good friends Seb and Sophie aka Sebophie work there as the chalet’s host and chef! They got a decent website too:

Time to scare some kiddies on the slopes with my new mask! Took this pic with my new camera and messed about a bit with photoshop. Check it out.

Last day of work in Ireland for 9 months


Well this is it… A huge step towards freedom and fun. Office life is now a thing of the past and something that I wont be going near for 9 months at the mimnimum!!! Today is, as you may have guessed it, the last day of work for both myself and Trish. We’re both having our respective leaving drinks tonight so it should be good craic. Today is also the day when my countdown app on iGoogle gets to be in single digits: 9 days to go! I can’t wait to start posting when I’m actually away and on holidays, this is a holiday blog after all!