PHP array of Irish Counties

Here’s an php array of the counties in Ireland. I searched Google and couldn’t find one so I thought I’d put it here!

$counties = array('Antrim', 'Armagh', 'Carlow', 'Cavan', 'Clare', 'Cork', 'Derry', 'Donegal', 'Down', 'Dublin', 'Fermanagh', 'Galway', 'Kerry', 'Kildare', 'Kilkenny', 'Laois', 'Leitrim', 'Limerick', 'Longford', 'Louth', 'Mayo', 'Meath', 'Monaghan', 'Offaly', 'Roscommon', 'Sligo', 'Tipperary', 'Tyrone', 'Waterford', 'Westmeath', 'Wexford', 'Wicklow');

My tiny room now has more space

I recently made a trip to the new Ikea in Dublin last week. I was fed up being stuck in a tiny room with no space for all my stuff, and I have a lot of stuff! I had a look around their website and came across their selection of loft beds. They seemed pretty childlike but after spending some time thinking about them, a loft bed would give me a lot more floorspace.

I finally decided on this one and I’m really happy with it, although it took about 4 hours to put together with my girlfriend. Not to mention losing my temper a few times with the stress of trying to make heads or tails of the instructions.

I also got a few other things too; new shelf, clothes organiser, table for the telly and some hooks to mount my snowboard on the wall. It took a bit of time and a few headaches thinking about the layout of everything but I finally got there! It’s one hell of a pad

Take the tour

I took some photo’s with the fisheye to help make it look a bit bigger, take a look.