Milford Sound

As I have said in my earlier post today, I’m going to start filling you in on my New Zealand trip. So here it goes!

Milford Sound is a lovely fjord on the south west coast of the south island of New Zealand. Trish and I decided to go on a little bus trip down there to check it out the beauty. Plus the photos we’ve seen pretty much forced us go! The drive took about 3 hours from Queenstown. On the way there we stopped off at a few photo opportunities. We also had a coffee in Te Anau, a nice little town on the way and home to the largest lake in the south island, Lake Te Anau.

Amazing views at Milford Sound
Amazing views at Milford Sound

We were very lucky with the weather too. It was raining on the journey down but then it turned nice and sunny by the time we got  there. Plus the roads were clear, if we decided to go a few months earlier we would have been disappointed due to road  closures. Some fiends of ours previously couldn’t go due to avalanches and snow covering the roads.

When we arrived we waited to board our boat for the cruise, had a packed lunch and tried to dodge the sandflies. We were greeted with a voucher for a free muffin upon boarding and were given some welcoming words from the Captain slash cruise narrator. He pointed out all the geographic features along the way up the fjord. Our cruise brought us right to the waters of the open Tasman Sea and back again.

Me posing with my favourite fjord
Me posing with my favourite fjord

The landscape is stunning and you certainly get overwhelmed by the beauty of it. On the way back we spotted a few seals taking a rest in the sun and got very close to one of the waterfalls! So close that we needed to zip up fully and put out hoods up as we were right under it!

Fun fact: One of the waterfalls here was the one Wolverine jumped off wearing his birthday suit in his X-Men Origins flick. Also some of the explosives used in the film were stored in Queenstown’s ice rink! CrAzY!

Me at the bottom of the waterfall at the front of the boat! SOAKED!
Me at the bottom of the waterfall at the front of the boat! SOAKED!

Have a look at some of our snaps

New Zealand Update

Well well… it’s been an awful long time since I have managed to get back to updating my website. I’ve been able to update Twitter easily enough as I can update it from my phone via text. But I just didn’t have the time and net connection to update this blog!

A lot of stuff has happened since my last entry. It’s going to take me many more to fill you in on what I’ve been doing and how awesome our New Zealand road trip has been.

Here’s a quick overview on what we’re been up to:

  • Went to Milford Sound
  • Snowboarded at Treble Cone
  • Left Queenstown and started our road trip
  • Hiked Franz Joseph Glacier
  • Kayaked in Abel Tasman National Park
  • Wine tasted in Cloudy Bay vineyard
  • Saw a lot of seals chilling by a car park.
  • Got the Ferry from the South Island to the North.
  • Met up with my good friend James in Wellington
  • Went white water rafting
  • Saw a geyser and smelt some eggy geothermal activity in Rotorua
  • Went Caving, abseiling, tubing and saw some glow worms.
  • Ate some sushi
  • Got to the northern tip of New Zealand at Cape Reigna
  • Tried sandboarding!
  • Saw some wild dolphins
  • Sold the van in Auckland and made a fantastic profit!

At the moment I’m compiling a google map with the route we took, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to share it easily but I will go in more depth at some stage.

Here’s a few pics!

Will update again soon!

The Boots Situation

Well still no luck getting my boots back from the guys at Small Planet in Queenstown. As I have said in a previous post, I dropped them in as they were a little worse for wear and they said they would bring them to a local boot repair shop somewhere in town. But it turns out that the bloke who works in the repair shop has gone to hospital and since he’s the only guy who works there the whole place has been shut down until further notice.  Not good for the relationship between me and snowboarding.

One of my housemates, remembered that there was a pair of boots hanging around somewhere in the house. She fished them out for me and they fit perfectly and they are a really nice pair of Burton boots, all I needed were some new laces. The guys in Small Planet hooked me up with a free pair of laces because I know them almost at a first name basis now as I’ve been in so many times asking about my boots! So at the end of the day, I now have boots and I can head up the mountain again! Plus my ribs are a lot better!

Old College Project made with Macromedia Director

Back in 2002 – 2006 I studied Multimedia Programming/Multimedia Systems at the Institute of Art Design and Technology in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin,  Ireland. The course taught us how to use many multimedia applications, one relic being Macromedia Director. Oh where is it now? Well taken over by Adobe for a start 🙂

For my final year project, I studied the differences between 2D and 3D simulations. I had to write a pretty large paper and create an application to demonstrate my findings. The amount of hours I put into this project would be far too many to count. Its a pity nobody uses Director anymore!


For my project I decided to focus on traffic simulation and I created this little interactive application. You’ll most likely need to install Adobe Shockwave to get this running! You can view junctions in 3d or 2d ( which was just a top down 3D view ), increase traffic density, rotate camera view in 3D and increase building height.

Its flawed I know, the cars turn into each other sometimes and the 2D view isn’t even true 2D, but lets just put that all aside!

Does anybody use Director anymore? let me know and post any links to anything you’ve developed with it!

My Snowboard

A few weeks ago I finally got my act together and purchased a snowboard and some gear. I’m really going to go all out on learning how to ride this winter and I can’t wait till I get good!

I went to a big ski and snowboard gear sale and picked up an ex-rental snowboard for $85! I didn’t want to fork out the big bucks and spend hundreds on a board that I’d probably end up scratching the hell out of!I picked up some boots and bindings in the local shops in Queenstown. I decided on getting new boots and bindings as I have been told it’s really important to make sure they fit the best.

Check it out!

WordPress 2.8 installed

I’ve just installed WordPress 2.8 on my server. Now time to build myself a website for a change! Going to try and find a decent way of showing my portfolio and I really want to start blogging; you know, sharing interesting web development ideas & techniques, funny stories, personal thoughts, interesting links and stuff!

Now to try and implement Twitter, and other social widgets 🙂