The Boots Situation

Well still no luck getting my boots back from the guys at Small Planet in Queenstown. As I have said in a previous post, I dropped them in as they were a little worse for wear and they said they would bring them to a local boot repair shop somewhere in town. But it turns out that the bloke who works in the repair shop has gone to hospital and since he’s the only guy who works there the whole place has been shut down until further notice.  Not good for the relationship between me and snowboarding.

One of my housemates, remembered that there was a pair of boots hanging around somewhere in the house. She fished them out for me and they fit perfectly and they are a really nice pair of Burton boots, all I needed were some new laces. The guys in Small Planet hooked me up with a free pair of laces because I know them almost at a first name basis now as I’ve been in so many times asking about my boots! So at the end of the day, I now have boots and I can head up the mountain again! Plus my ribs are a lot better!

My Ribs and My Boots

On Saturday I spent most of my day up at Coronet Peak snowboarding. It was a bit cloudy now and again but the snow was great. I also noticed a slight pain early on on the day on my left ribs but I didn’t really do anything about it, I just ignored it and ploughed on! Me and my girlfriend Trish hung around for night ski too, so it was an extra long day! On the last few runs it was very sore to bend down and do up my bindings and by the time I was on the bus back to Queenstown I was in bits! Had to get some bandages from the pharmacy too, which really helped hold them together with a slight bit of pressure! I have been told that there is really nothing you can do except to take it easy when your ribs are sore. So I decided to do a MacGyver on it and take care of them myself and if the pain didn’t go away, then I’d see a doctor!

Now that a few days have past they are much better, still a little bit of pain but no where in comparison to Saturday evening! So I have decided to give it a rest for a good few days and sort out some other stuff!

My snowboarding boots have gotten a little worse for wear so I brought them back to Small Planet (the shop where i bought them in) and they were happy to send them to the repair shop free of charge. Two of the laces are almost broken and another fully broke, I just tied a knot to join it back together last week! Also the velcro strap on one of the snapped! Anyhoo, look forward to getting them back so I can head up to The Remarkables again, my last session up there was last Friday and it was brilliant!