NZ DIY Camper Van Conversion

Over the past few days my girlfriend Trish and I did some camper conversion work on our Toyota Hiace we bought last month.

We took out the bed that came with it and decided to make a new one down the back, nearer the boot. We also made up a tall storage unit for our stuff and there is also plenty of storage under the bed too!

Today we did some work on the floor; we got a thin piece of MDF, cut it to shape and stuck on some simple lino tiles so it can be cleaned easily! Looks great!

Hopefully we will make a bit of a profit on it when we sell it on and hopefully it will make a great New Zealand road trip vehicle for more backpackers.

We have a few little bits and bobs left to do now but that’s mainly it! Can’t wait to hit the road and explore this amazing country!

Check out the photos!