8-Bit CSS3 Horizontal Parallax

Decided to have some 8-Bit fun this evening and experimented with a horizontal parallax effect similar to side scrolling games.

See the Pen 8-Bit CSS3 Horizontal Parallax by Dan Stuart (@danbhala) on CodePen.

See the Pen 8-Bit CSS3 Horizontal Parallax by Dan Stuart (@danbhala) on CodePen.

CSS3 Horizontal parallax effect was inspired by this post by Keith Clark.

SVG’s were drawn with Method Draw and optimized and encoded with b64.io.



City Bike Locator


I’ve been experimenting with AngularJS recently and I decided to make this City Bike Locator. I’ve put the source code up on GitHub so feel free to have a look and get involved with the project.

This app was created with the following technologies:

This app is currently work in progress and addition features will be added over time.

Demo: http://www.danielstuart.ie/bikes/
GitHub: https://github.com/danbhala/city-bike-locator

Little Man

Last night I decided to mess about with Javascript’s window.DeviceOrientationEvent events. I put this little page together, check this out on your phone: http://www.danielstuart.ie/little-man/ .


You can control the Little Man by tilting your phone! It should capture input from your phones accelerometer if its “Smart Enough” 🙂 Its a bit buggy and the physics is a bit basic. But I hope to make some improvements in velocity, acceleration, add in some gravity so he can jump, maybe some wind?

Anyhoo, complete credit for the sprite image that I used goes to 10firstgame’s wordpress blog, I hope he doesn’t mind me using it!