Bye Bye Noosa

Just a quick note to let you all know that we are leaving Noosa today and heading down to Brisbane. We stayed here for 4 nights, 1 night in a absolute dump of a hostel and 3 nights in a really nice place! We were going to stay longer in the first out we changed our plans to suit our comfort, cleanliness and sense of security!

Had a nice time up here, spent time walking about, doing some surfing and stuff… Trish brought me out for dinner last night so I of course went for the peppered steak and a beer or two.

Heading off now to Brisbane, we will have a more in depth post on what we have been up to soon. I might write it up on the bus ride down. We have yet to write about the 3 day boat cruise we were on a few weeks back, so will ifll you in if i can remember!

Bye Bye Magnetic Island


Today is our last day in the wonderful and relaxed Magnetic Island. Yesterday we rented a little beach car called a Mini Moke and drove about a bit and did some island exploring. We also rented some snorkeling gear and had a bit of a swim, but the tide was coming in and visibility was very low as the sand was unsettled. We saw some fish but not as much as we would have liked!

Last night we had a bit of a BBQ at the beach house where we are staying. We met up with some friends we made from our diving trip and we all had dinner together. Afterwards we dropped them back to their hostel in the Moke. The island is quite hilly so we cut out going up a pretty steep hill! The hand brake didnt really work but Trish managed to get us there and back in one piece!

Our next stop is to dive the SS Yongala, one of the worlds top wreck dives.

Check out some of the photos below of some Magnetic Island fun!

Magnetic Island

Greetings from a lovely place called Magnetic Island, it’s a nice little island just 20 minutes off the coast of Australia near Townsville. (Check it out on google maps). Aparently this Island was named by Captain Cook when he was sailing past and his compass acted up.

We arrived in yesterday, got picked up by the Hostel owner in an old Rolls Royce and checked in. Then popped off to the shops for some dinner supplies, had a bit of a walk, tried out some canoeing and chilled out. The hostel we are staying in is really cool, has a great BBQ area in the shape of an old boat. Will get some photos up tomorrow of it and the island.

Today we are off to rent a little car so we can go about and explore this island. Aparently there are some great walks that bring you right through some places inhabited by wild Koala bears, so it would be great to see one of those!

Paddy’s Day in Cairns

ShamrockTrish and myself had a fairly relaxed Paddy’s day! We eventually got out of bed after a bit of a mad session with the Pro Dive gang from the night before in The Woolshed. We proceeded to Cairns Central shopping centre where we bought some ingredients for a nice cure; eggs, bacon, 2.5 litres of apple & pear juice and of course some bread 🙂 We went back and cooked em up in the hostel then went to see The Watchmen in order to avoid the hottest part of the day! It was about 33 degrees!

After the cinema we wandered about for a bit and headed over to the public swimming place for a nice refreshing dip. After that we went over to the shop to get some ingredients for dinner and some drink. We decided to cook a nice BBQ and get some form of fruit bubbly called Passion Pop! We met an elderly couple at the public BBQ places and they gave us loads of stuff that we could use for our meal; salt , pepper, tomato sauce, onions, tin foil and a nicely cleaned bbq 🙂 The reason they gave us all the stuff was that it was their last day in Australia and they were heading back to Canada! Pretty sweet, i wasn’t gonna turn down the offer of free condiments and bits and bobs!

We eventually moved on and finished up our bubbly and headed off to find a lively pub for some Paddy’s Day fun. We headed over to an Irish pub called PJ O’Brien’s and it was absolutely hopping mad. Full of ppl with green face paint, shamrock hats and bellies full of drink! The place was so packed that there was a bit of a massive queue out the front so we headed off down to a place called the Rhino Bar where they had pitchers of beer called Tooheys for $10. So we found our watering hole and stayed there for a pint or two 😉 hehe.

On the way back I noticed a pretty big bug running about on the pavement!

It’s the Final Touchdown

Calypso Hostel

A big hello from down under, we have finally arrived at our first destination, Cairns, Australia. After about 3 or 4 flights we finally got here. At the moment we are trying desperately to shake off some jet lag and find out whats where in this tourist town. The weather is a bit cloudy but I can’t stress how humid it is! The wife beater is out in full force :p poor Trish… haha…

Its a nice hostel with a pool and bar with some grub in the mornings and evenings. It’s about a 15 minute walk from the centre of Cairns too, but they offer a free bus service to the center ever half hour.

We touched down at 8am Cairns time and have desperately battling jet lag since then. It’s looking tough at the moment but I’m sure we’ll win 😛 although we just woke up from an accidental 3 hour nap… Plans for the rest of the day consist of a strict rule of no more sleep before bed time, go for a swim, and look into where we are going after our 5 day diving course we start on Thursday. So for now, I bid you g’day