Bye Bye Magnetic Island


Today is our last day in the wonderful and relaxed Magnetic Island. Yesterday we rented a little beach car called a Mini Moke and drove about a bit and did some island exploring. We also rented some snorkeling gear and had a bit of a swim, but the tide was coming in and visibility was very low as the sand was unsettled. We saw some fish but not as much as we would have liked!

Last night we had a bit of a BBQ at the beach house where we are staying. We met up with some friends we made from our diving trip and we all had dinner together. Afterwards we dropped them back to their hostel in the Moke. The island is quite hilly so we cut out going up a pretty steep hill! The hand brake didnt really work but Trish managed to get us there and back in one piece!

Our next stop is to dive the SS Yongala, one of the worlds top wreck dives.

Check out some of the photos below of some Magnetic Island fun!

Magnetic Island

Greetings from a lovely place called Magnetic Island, it’s a nice little island just 20 minutes off the coast of Australia near Townsville. (Check it out on google maps). Aparently this Island was named by Captain Cook when he was sailing past and his compass acted up.

We arrived in yesterday, got picked up by the Hostel owner in an old Rolls Royce and checked in. Then popped off to the shops for some dinner supplies, had a bit of a walk, tried out some canoeing and chilled out. The hostel we are staying in is really cool, has a great BBQ area in the shape of an old boat. Will get some photos up tomorrow of it and the island.

Today we are off to rent a little car so we can go about and explore this island. Aparently there are some great walks that bring you right through some places inhabited by wild Koala bears, so it would be great to see one of those!